Ryoko Goto was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Goto showed her interest in art at early age and soon found herself in an art prep school aspiring to be a stage designer for theater arts.

During the school years she became more engrossed in its amusement of oil painting and since then she has determined to be a painter. Around the same time Goto encountered the works of abstract expressionists such as Aso Saburo, one of the leading figures in Japanese abstract art movement, and the New York School of the 50's which later had a great influence on her painting style.

After graduating Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design Goto was away from any creative work as she felt like she was lost over the concept of “art school” and “art” itself. Yet the death of her close friend brought her back to the art creation reassuring that art is indispensable to her, and Goto started over her career as an artist at age of 31.



Goto's work continues to zen.