Prize etc

-Nominated by London International Filmmaker Festival, 2020 (video / BANKOHUMA)

-Official selection by World Film Fair, Los Angels, 2019 (video / BANKOHUMA)

-Nominated by VIDEOFORMES, Clermont-Ferrand, 2014 (video / ENMAN)

-Won 3rd place in polarity Vote at GEISAI(*1), Tokyo, 2008 (exhibition: painting, mixed media, drawing, etc)

-Nominated by the Tokyo Wonder Wall Competition(*2), Tokyo, 2008 (mixed media)

*1, one of the biggest art fairs in Japan, founded by Takashi Murakami

*2, one of the biggest competitions for young artists in Japan, founded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Commissioned Project

-For a private collection of Mr & Mrs V, NY, 2022 

-For a classic concert by Ilteatro Opera Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2021

-For a jazz album "Soul Flow" by David Whitman, LA, 2019

-For a private collection of a Jewelry designer Harucca, Tokyo, 2013

-For a collection of a luxury villa hotel Waterline, Cape Town, 2010

Collaborative project 

- "ENMAN" (*1) Resobox Art Collaborative project 1, NY, 2012

*1, It was nominated by VIDEOFORMES 2014 in Clermont-Ferrand in France 


-Private collection, NY (painting)

-Private collection, FL (painting)

-Private collection, NY (painting) / commission

-Waterline (*1), villa, Cape Town (painting) / commission

-Salud Bar & Grill, restaurant, NY (painting)

-Private collection, London (painting)

-Private collection, Singapore (painting)

-Private collection, Tokyo (painting)

*1, waterline is a luxury hotel in Cape Town. Details --> website 

Selected Solo Show

-"ENMAN" by Orenda Art Works, ONLINE 2021 (painting, video, mixed media)

Selected Group Show

-Brick Wall Art Gallery (drawing, mixed media)

-Gallery 118, Group show "IMPRESSION", ONLINE, 2021 (drawing)

-VIDEOFORMES, Clemont-Ferrand, 2014 (video)

-The Museum Contemporary Art in Tokyo, 2008 (mixed media)

Solo Exhibition

-"tadaima" at Astoria Wine and Spirit, NY, 2018

-"-re" at Salud Bar&Grill, NY, 2018

-"UNTITLED" at YN bar, NY, 2017

-"slightly drunk" at UNIQUE, Tokyo, 2015

-"elegant chaos" at Consulate General of Japan, NY, 2014-15

-"enso" at Resobox Gallery, NY, 2014

-"Enman" at Resobox Gallery, NY, 2012

-New works at a restaurant Musui, Tokyo, 2009-10

-"EN" at OUCHI Gallery, NY, 2009

-"G woke up" at KURA gallery, Tokyo, 2005

-"Peaceful Show" at NIJI Gallery, Tokyo, 2003

Group Exhibition

-Fine art group show at JOROFF, NY, 2018

-Photography Group show at LeRoy Neiman Gallery, NY, 2016

-HYOUGUSHI's (*1) Group show at Sakurano Market, Iwate (Japan), 2015

-HYOUGUSHI's Group Show at Kyukyodo, Tokyo, 2015

-DUMBO Art Festival, NY,  2012

-Parallax  Art Fair, NY, 2012

-Parallax Art Festival, London, 2012

*1, HYOGUSHI is a type of craft mans who make a traditional Asian frame 

Live Performance

-"karappo vol.2" with a drummer, at Salud Bar&Grill, NY, 2019 (live drawing) / drummer: Matsu 

-"karappo vol.1" with a drummer, at Resobox Gallery, NY, 2019 (live drawing) / drummer: Matsu

-untitle with a hair&make-up artist at Salud Bar&Grill, NY , 2018 (live painting) / hair&make-up artist: Yoko 

-untitle with a film maker at Salud Bar&Grill, NY, 2018 (live painting) / film maker; Yuji Yoshida

-untitle with a video editor and dancers at Sanctuary T, NY, 2015 (live painting)

-untitle with a video editor and dancers at Sanctuary T, NY, 2014 (live painting)

-untitle with a jazz composer at Resobox, NY, 2014 (live painting)

-untitle with a drummer on a stage at Japan Block Fair, NY, 2013 (live painting) / drummer: Genki Endo (*1)

-"ENMAN" with a experimental musician at Resobox, 2012 (live painting) / musician: water brain

-untitle with a DJ at club soft, Tokyo, 2005

-untitle with a DJ at Vantan Design Institute, Tokyo, 2005 

*1, Genki's drum is a Japanese traditional, Wadaiko 


-Colombia University, Photography Intensive Course, NY, 2016

-The National Academy School of Fine Arts, NY, Studio Art Intensive Course, 2014

-Musashino Art University, Associate Degree of Fine Arts, Tokyo, 2000

Workshop, Event

-Workshop for audition of art high schools, NY, 2022

-Kids & babies Art Event "Messy Monets" at Tottown, NY, 2017 

-Family Art Event "Prancing & Painting" with a DJ at Tottown, NY, 2017 / DJ: BKLYN SNOW

-Kids Art Workshop (for 6-10 age), Tokyo, 2009-2010  

-Adult Art Workshop (for photographers, make-up artists, etc), Tokyo, 2004-2005  

Design, Illustration

-Redesign of logo, painting that on the wall in the room / baby workshop space Tottown, NY, 2017

-Cover design of a magazine, Design of a poster / publisher Human Resource News, Tokyo, 2013

-Design of shop cards and business card of the owner chef / Italian restaurant Trattoria La Scarnetta, Tokyo, 2013

-Design with a illustration of business card of the main staff (now owner) / liquor shop Mimasu, Tokyo, 2012

-Design of Program and Leaflet / Opera concert Cavalleria Busticana, Tokyo, 2011 

-Design of Program and Leaflet / Opera concert Cauleti ei Motecchi, Tokyo, 2011 

-Design of website / Inamori Orthodontia Office, Mie (Japan), 2010

-Design of TV studio set / TV Shinagawa, Tokyo, 2006-2007

-Illustration of New year card / movie & Kabuki  company Shochiku, 1998

-Illustration for a movie booklet / movie James and the Giant Peach, Tokyo, 1996