CV / Ryoko Goto

Summery of Ryoko's Bio

Born in Tokyo in 1977. Living in New York. Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College Fine Arts Department. She specializes in abstract painting with tranquility. She has also done several live paintings and improvisational works. In 2010, she received a commission from the South African Republic Resort Hotel, Wateline, and produced a 7m x 1.6m (7m = over 22 feet) abstract painting. In March 2014, the recorded production process of her video “ENMAN” was nominated at the film competition “VIDEOFORMES”in Clermont-Ferrand, Central France. She was an assistant of an artist, Yuken Teruya, 2015. She improved her photos at Summer Program, Photography Intensive Course at Columbia University, 2016.

She works at a decorative art company as an artist.

Prize etc

-Nominated by World Film Fair, LA, 2019 (video)

-Nominated by VIDEOFORMES, Clemont-Ferrand, 2014 (video)

-Won the 3rd place of polarity Vote at GEISAI(*1), Tokyo, 2008 (exhibition: painting, mixed media, drawing, etc)

-Nominated by the Tokyo Wonder Wall Competition(*2), Tokyo, 2008 (mixed media)

*1, one of the biggest art fairs in Japan, founded by Takashi Murakami

*2, one of the biggest competition for young artists in Japan, founded by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Commissional Project

-For a private collection of Mr & Mrs V, NY, 2022 

-For a classic concert by Ilteatro Opera Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2021

-For a Jazz album "Soul Flow" by David Whitman, LA, 2019

-For a private collection of a Jewelry designer Harucca, Tokyo, 2013

-For a collection of a luxury villa hotel Waterline, CapeTown, 2010

Collaborative project 

- "ENMAN" (*1) Resobox Art Collaborative project 1, NY, 2012

*1, It was nominated by VIDEOFORMES 2014 in  Clemont-Ferrand in France 


-Private collection, FL (painting)

-Private collection, NY (painting) / commission

-Waterline(*1), villa, Cape Town (painting) / commission

-Salud Bar & Grill, restaurant, NY (painting)

-Private collection, London (painting)

-Private collection, Singapore (painting)

-Private collection, Tokyo (painting)

*1, waterline is a luxury hotel in CapeTown. Details --> website 

Selected Solo Show

-"ENMAN" by Orenda Art Works, ONLINE 2021 (painting, video, mixed media)

Selected Group Show

-Gallery 118, Group show "IMPRESSION", ONLINE, 2021 (drawing)

-VIDEOFORMES, Clemont-Ferrand, 2014 (video)

-The Museum Contemporary Art in Tokyo, 2008 (mixed media)

Solo Exhibition

-"tadaima" at Astoria Wine and Sprit, NY, 2018

-"-re" at Salud Bar&Grill, NY, 2018

-"UNTITLED" at YN bar, NY, 2017

-"slightly drunk" at UNIQUE, Tokyo, 2015

-"elegant chaos" at Consulate General of Japan, NY, 2014-15

-"enso" at Resobox Gallery, NY, 2014

-"Enman" at Resobox Gallery, NY, 2012

-New works at a restaurant Musui, Tokyo, 2009-10

-"EN" at OUCHI Gallery, NY, 2009

-"G woke up" at KURA gallery, Tokyo, 2005

-"Peaceful Show" at NIJI Gallery, Tokyo, 2003

Group Exhibition

-Fine art group show at JOROFF, NY, 2018

-Photography Group show at LeRoy Neiman Gallery, NY, 2016

-HYOUGUSHI's (*1) Group show at Sakurano Market, Iwate (Japan), 2015

-HYOUGUSHI's Group Show at Kyukyodo, Tokyo, 2015

-DUMBO Art Festival, NY,  2012

-Parallax  Art Fair, NY, 2012

-Parallax Art Festival, London, 2012

*1, HYOGUSHI is a type of craft mans who make a traditional Asian frame 

Live Performance

-"karappo vol.2" with a drummer, at Salud Bar&Grill, NY, 2019 (live drawing) / drummer: Matsu 

-"karappo vol.1" with a drummer, at Resobox Gallery, NY, 2019 (live drawing) / drummer: Matsu

-untitle with a hair&make-up artist at Salud Bar&Grill, NY , 2018 (live painting) / hair&make-up artist: Yoko 

-untitle with a film maker at Salud Bar&Grill, NY, 2018 (live painting) / film maker; Yuji Yoshida

-untitle with a video editor and dancers at Sanctuary T, NY, 2015 (live painting)

-untitle with a video editor and dancers at Sanctuary T, NY, 2014 (live painting)

-untitle with a jazz composer at Resobox, NY, 2014 (live painting)

-untitle with a drummer on a stage at Japan Block Fair, NY, 2013 (live painting) / drummer: Genki Endo (*1)

-"ENMAN" with a experimental musician at Resobox, 2012 (live painting) / musician: water brain

-untitle with a DJ at club soft, Tokyo, 2005

-untitle with a DJ at Vantan Design Institute, Tokyo, 2005 

*1, Genki's drum is a Japanese traditional, Wadaiko 


-Colombia University, Photography Intensive Course, NY, 2016

-National Academy School, NY, Studio Art Intensive Course, 2014

-Musashino Art University, Associate Degree of Fine Arts, Tokyo, 2000

Workshop, Event

-Workshop for audition of art high schools, NY, 2022

-Kids & babies Art Event "Messy Monets" at Tottown, NY, 2017 

-Family Art Event "Prancing & Painting" with a DJ at Tottown, NY, 2017 / DJ: BKLYN SNOW

-Kids Art Workshop (for 6-10 age), Tokyo, 2009-2010  

-Adult Art Workshop (for photographers, make-up artists, etc), Tokyo, 2004-2005  

Design, Illustration

-Redesign of logo, painting that on the wall in the room / baby workshop space Tottown, NY, 2017

-Cover design of a magazine, Design of a poster /  publisher Human Resouce News, Tokyo, 2013

 -Design of shop cards and business card of the owner chef / Italian restaurant Trattoria La Scarnetta, Tokyo, 2013

-Design with a illustration of business card of the main staff (now owner) / liquor shop Mimasu, Tokyo, 2012

-Design of Program and Leaflet / Opera concert  Cavalleria Busticana, Tokyo, 2011 

-Design of Program and Leaflet /  Opera concert  Cauleti ei Motecchi, Tokyo, 2011 

-Design of website / Inamori Orthodontia Office, Mie (Japan), 2010

-Design of TV studio set / TV Shinagawa, Tokyo, 2006-2007

-Illustration of New year card / movie & Kabuki  company Shochiku, 1998

-Illustration for a movie booklet / movie James and the Giant Peach, Tokyo, 1996 


Why does I make art?

I showed my interest in art at early age and soon found myself in an art prep school aspiring to be a stage designer for theater arts.

During the school years I became more engrossed in its amusement of oil painting and since then I have determined to be a painter. Around the same time I encountered the works of abstract expressionists such as Japanese artist Aso Saburo(1913-2000), one of the leading figures in Japanese abstract art movement, and the New York School of the 50's which later had a great influence on her painting style.

After graduating Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design Goto was away from any creative work as I felt like she was lost over the concept of “art school” and “art” itself. Yet the death of my close friend brought me back to the art creation reassuring that art is indispensable to her, and Ryoko started over her career as an artist at age of 31.

Ryoko, 2010