Ryoko Goto was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977. She graduated from Musashino Art University, Junior College Fine Arts Department and currently lives and creates art in New York City since 2013. Ryoko specializes in abstract painting with 'tranquility'. She has also created live paintings and improvisational works. In 2010, she received her first commission from the South African Republic Resort Hotel, Waterline, and produced a 7m x 1.6m (approx. 23ft x 5.2ft) abstract painting. In 2014, the recorded production process of her video "ENMAN" was nominated at the film competition "VIDOFORMES" in Clermont-Ferrand, Central France. In 2015, she worked as an assistant to the artist, Yuken Teruya. To improve her photos, in 2016 she participated in Columbia University's summer program, Photography Intensive Course. Since 2018, she has been employed as an artist at Fresco Decorative Arts, a decorative art company, and has worked on art decorating projects including: gilding with real gold leaves, plastering, glazing at top global stores, residences for world-renowned designers and fashion brands in NYC, as well as internationally. In 2020, she also assisted Tomokazu Matsuyama, a Japanese contemporary visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY while working at Fresco Decorative Arts.