TITLE: collision (48” x 60”) / 2018

People has Passion for something. Sometimes controlling passions is hard. Passions are free. When they are strong and genuine, they make a new amazing world and show us it. 

TITLE: pleasure (16” x 16”) / 2018
I organized art events for children and families at a play space for children Tot town in May last year. Children painted on one canvas at the event. I repainted this art on the canvas because I think painting on the canvas shows the children’s happiness I felt at the events. I learned showing rules is very important for children at the time. And the rules make adults and children happy. So straight lines on this art implies “rules for children.” Some simple routine things and some simple rules make people pleasure. 

TITLE: time (48” x 48”) / 2018
Time is flowing. Time is the best medicine for my life. Sometimes living is hard but time absolutely helps me as long as I believe in myself. I learned about how time helps when I overcame depression from my previous room which didn’t get sunshine and my roommate’s death, and learned “calm” is the strongest thing for me. I want to be strong and time helps that. I was inspired by my thoughts then I made this work. The material wax is warm and natural. The texture was perfect for showing the theme so I used it for this art.