▶performance - livepainting

●blossom- 3/9/18

place : Salud Bar & Grill

collaborate with hair stylist Yoko Takahashi

●Ser Y Dejar Ser- 2/2/18

place : Salud Bar & Grill

collaborate with filmmaker Yuji Yoshida

Photo by Yuji Yoshida

Edited by Yuji Yoshida, Music by Neil Koungjun Choi, Photo by Ryoko Goto

●phoenix - 1/19/18

place : Salud Bar & Grill

edited by Yuji Yoshida

●elegant chaos - 1/23/15

place : Sanctuary T, SOHO in NY
collaborate with Dancer Aoi and Yu, Filmmaker Maiko Kaseyama

●elegant chaos - 12/19/14

place : Sanctuary T, SOHO in NY
collaborate with Dancer Aoi & Yu, Filmmaker Maiko Kaseyama

●with a drummer - 10/20/13

place : Japan Block Fair, on the road in Manhattan, NY
collaborate with Japanese traditional drummer Genki Endo

●enman - 8/31/12

place : RESOBOX, Queens in NY
collaborate with Experimental musician Water Brain

●MONSTER - Summer 2005

place : Vantan Design Institute, Ebisu, Tokyo
collaborate with model Abe & Honoka, DJ sorane

[ monster / summer 2005 @Vantan Design Institute, Tokyo.....with DJ sorane]

painted on persons, on visitors' face too. 
The theme was "frivolous." The man whom I painted on was the worst frivolous man I had ever met. He was my colleague at work and I came to want to paint a monster in his mind when I heard his cheating stories.